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10th Pakistan CIO Summit 2024 Successfully held!!

10th Edition of Pakistan CIO Summit 2024 was successfully held in Karachi on April 29, 2024. The event was attended by top CIOs, CISOs. IT Heads and IT professionals across all industries in the country.


The theme of the summit was 'AI in Business' and selected distinguished experts in the panel answered all queries of the delegates to make them clear on how to adapt AI in their businesses. The panels were moderated by some of the most prolific IT leaders in the industry.


10th Pakistan CIO Summit 2024 also boasted a sharply focused new format of the sessions along with a cleaner and greener venue design that was pleasing to eyes. All who attended also highly appreciated the way the timing of the event was managed from start to finish to each minute, which many found pleasantly different from other social and professional events in the country.


The event was preceded by a private welcome party for selected guests which gave those who attended make stronger professional bonds in a relaxed environment with good food and music on the side.

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