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April 29-May 03, 2024, Karachi-Pakistan

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About PCSEx

Yes! The landmark 10th edition of Pakistan CIO Summit is on the horizon and we bet you will witness a mega CIO event never seen before.

So, what is new? How is it bigger and better?

Well. Here are your answers.

  • Pakistan CIO Summit X is a Network X event

  • Pakistan CIO Summit X will be a Weeklong event as compared to a one-day plan in the previous editions

  • Pakistan CIO Summit X will be surrounded with activities that effect the whole ecosystem of CIOs and tech industry of Pakistan.

  • Apart from the main one day activity focusing on the conference, Pakistan CIO Summit X will have allied events focusing on cyber security, tech-entrepreneurship, fintech, freelancing, IoT, skill development and focused product presentations.

  • Pakistan CIO Summit X will include exclusive networking dinner, music and get together

A Network X Event

NETWORK X is DISRUPTIVE proprietary model for global trade shows and B2B conferences which is more efficiently, more conveniently, more economically and leaves less carbon footprint using State of the Art Technology to get professionals in an industry together for business and knowledge sharing.

10th Pakistan CIO Summit 2024 will witness 5x more CIO attendance, 5x more exhibitors and sponsors and 5x more branding opportunities in 5 countries around the globe

This is How?

  • 10TH Pakistan CIO Summit 2024 will be co-organized with Indus CIO Summits on the same date, that is April 29, 2024 in 5 locations, that is, Karachi-Pakistan, Dubai-United Arab Emirates, London-UK, Silicon Valley-USA and Singapore

  • CIOs, IT Professionals and Solution Provider may network with each other for business and knowledge sharing physically and digitally using state of the art technology

  • Thus creating a 5x impact conveniently and productively


Sequence of Activities

A roller coaster of thrill, excitement and learning along with unmatched networking opportunities bundled together across the following activities:


  • Pakistan CIO Summit X

  • Pakistan CISO Summit

  • Exclusive Seminar on Fintech

  • Exclusive Seminar on IoT

  • ‘The Ghetto’-The Shark Tank version of CIO Summit

  • Exclusive Seminar on Freelancing

  • Training & Workshops around Tech

  • Virtual Product Seminars for International Sellers

  • Colorful Networking Dinner

Past Sponsors/Exhibitors

Our Continued Supporters & Partners