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Company Profile

About Gulf Business Machines (GBM): Empowering businesses for over 33+ years, Gulf Business Machines (GBM) stands as a leading end-to-end digital solutions provider in the region. With a widespread presence, encompassing 7 offices and a dedicated team of over 1500 professionals, GBM offers a comprehensive portfolio, including cutting-edge digital infrastructure, business solutions, security, and services.

We have nurtured partnerships with the world’s leading technology companies and invested in a talented, skilled workforce to implement solutions that cater to customer’s specific, complex and diverse business needs. With on-the ground, readily available expertise, GBM provides round-the-clock support to customers across the region.

GBM Pakistan was founded in 2007, as part of the company’s strategic expansion plan to meet the growing demand in the region. GBM Pakistan operates out of three cities throughout the country; Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad.

GBM Pakistan works across a number of industry sectors, including banking and finance, telecommunication, manufacturing, and a growing number of SMBs.


IBM Safer Payments

IBM Safer Payments is the industry's first true cognitive fraud prevention solution to payment processing and protects some of the largest and most complex payment portfolios in the world. Users report that IBM Safer Payments significantly reduces fraud losses while keeping false alarms to a minimum. This new approach services all payment channels. 


How IBM Safer Payments is different 


First generation payment fraud prevention solutions use coded expert experience. This included velocity counters and expert rules to identify high risk. The value of this approach was in its simplicity. However, the ever-increasing number and complexity of fraud patterns have rendered this approach inefficient. 


Second generation solutions generated fraud detection models from past data. Neural networks and advanced statistics used for this typically required collecting large amounts of data over a long period of time. This data is then sent to the vendor that creates a model off site. By the time the model is put into production, the fraud patterns it detects can be a few years old. 


Second generation solutions date back from a time when fraud patterns only changed slowly, so this was not too significant a problem. In today's world, however, new patterns of fraud attack are frequently introduced and the speed of change is only accelerating. As a result, neural network vendors have thus added first-generation rules engines to their products, so that the customers can create workarounds to their aging models. This is because neural networks are black boxes; they only generated a score that cannot be explained by looking at the model. In addition, the neural network model cannot be explicitly modified. Experience shows that some users of neural network-based solutions have moved away from dependence on the model and only use the rules function to mitigate cost and erratic performance. 


IBM believes that using one modelling technique to fix the shortcomings of another is a logically flawed approach. To avoid this flawed approach, next generation solutions use cognitive computing to create one clean and efficient model. 


Next generation IBM Safer Payments' cognitive approach also uses automatic learning from past data. But rather than generating a black box model, it generates easily readable rules and fraud prevention scenarios, IBM Safer Payments enables a generation of new or revised models with considerably less data and renders faster model update cycles, helping to result in higher fraud detection rates at drastically lower false positive rates. 


In addition, local specialists can enhance such rules and scenarios as they are easy to read and to understand. They can also combine them with their own human experience, and perform frequent updates of the models. In fact, the automated learning is so fast and efficient that some users elect to adapt their models up to multiple times per week.

Computer Research

Company Profile

CRPL stands as a pioneer in software development, boasting a 35-year legacy of innovation and excellence. As a Pakistani brand, CRPL is committed to reducing the country's dependence on IT imports by offering cutting-edge solutions tailored to local needs. CRPL leads the market in banking and telecom software, setting the standard for innovation.


AddCore, CRPL's flagship product, revolutionizes banking operations with its transactional banking solution (including collection, payment & Trade) and inward remittance processing solution. TelcoPlus, another key brand, provides convergent billing solutions for telecommunication sector. E-Creatorz, a subsidiary of CRPL, specializes in digital solutions, further expanding CRPL's reach and impact.


CRPL's commitment to excellence is evident in its continuous evolution and dedication to providing the best software solutions. With a focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, CRPL is poised to continue shaping the future of software development in Pakistan and beyond.


AddCore Digital R22

AddCore Digital R22 is a transformative banking software solution, setting new standards for excellence with its focus on scalability, performance, accuracy, convenience, efficiency, and security.

Microservices Architecture: Enables scalable and efficient system performance.

Document Management System: Streamlines document handling for improved efficiency.

Responsive Web Design: Ensures optimal user experience across devices.

Flexible Interface: Easily customizable to meet evolving needs.

RabbitMQ Support: Facilitates efficient communication between system components.

User Rights Management: Controls access based on user roles, enhancing security.

Token Authentication: Ensures secure system access and transactions.

Customer 360 Degree View: Provides a holistic view of customer interactions for personalized service.

Dashboard and Dashboard Builder: Offers real-time insights for informed decision-making.

Complaint Lodgment: Simplifies the process for lodging complaints.

Artificial Intelligence and Bots: Introduces AI-driven automation for enhanced efficiency.

Use of Docker Containers: Facilitates easy deployment and management of software.

Cross-Platform Support: Ensures compatibility across different platforms.

Board Resolution: Manages board resolutions securely, enhancing data security.

Web Push Notification: Enhances user experience with timely notifications.

N-Tier Architecture: Ensures scalability to handle growing transaction volumes.

Angular Front-End: Delivers a responsive and intuitive user interface.

Dashboard Builder: Allows users to create customized dashboards.

Complaint Lodgment: Provides a user-friendly interface for lodging complaints.

NC Inc

Company Profile

NC Inc serving 41 Years of Innovative IT. Solution to Pakistan.  Being one of the pioneers in IT. industry, NC Inc provides cutting edge and reliable IT solutions to a diversified and growing range of clientele that include small, medium, and enterprise corporate clients.


Years of experience in providing customers with solutions has enabled NC Inc to tackle emerging events in this ever-changing world. With unmatched experience and years of service in I.T industry, NC Inc prides itself in understanding of market needs and dynamics and is able to differentiate itself on the basis of the personalized solutions it provides to its customers.


NC Inc’s core values revolve around “Innovation through Excellence”. Using this business model, we are able to deliver the right combination of IT solutions in order to maximize return on IT investment. Our principal activity includes consultancy to businesses on their existing technology as well as futuristic approach towards technology solution. We also provide server centric end point solutions beginning from consultancy towards successful implementation. We believe in reliable yet cost effective solutions to our clients for them to grow alongside us.



NCInc Offers Cloud / Thin clients / Small Foot Print PC / Mini PC / Multiuser Solution for Schools / Professionals and the SMB Market, Offering the Centerm Brand complete range of PC‘s and High Performance Thin clients for Banks and Financial Institution. We also offer versatile financial devices may it be a simple device to an Intelligent Banking Terminals.


At NC Inc, we pride ourselves on offering comprehensive solutions to meet the diverse needs of our clients. In addition to our existing range of IT solutions, we are pleased to announce that we now also provide Chromebooks and Chromeboxes equipped with Google Study software applications.


Why Choose NC Inc.

NC Inc has unmatched experience that proves to be a key characteristic making it your best business partner and solution provider for IT related services. NC Inc’s devotion to research and development make it the best consultant in terms of upgrading your existing systems, procurement and implementation of End Point solutions, IT human resource management, hardware acquisition, and much more. Having been in the industry for decades, the company has a long list of satisfied clients including leading banks in Pakistan, insurance, Pharmaceutical, Textile and Manufacturers companies and many more. Our team operates with enthusiasm and flexibility. We are focused on our customer needs, being their reliable partner for IT services and solutions, working together and helping them face the challenges of the modern times.


Centerm Financial Tablet for Onboarding

NC Inc introduces the First Business Oriented All -In -One (AIO) mobile end point device. The Centerm model T101 is Android powered and has been type approved by the PTA for 4G public switched network usage in Pakistan. The unit is designed keeping in mind the Financial, Banking, Insurance, healthcare & government sector where data onboarding and real-time digital verification services is required. The unit reaches out to remote customers to offer seamless interactivity and promotes high customer individual engagement.

The unit comes with an Octa-core 2.0 GHz processor, 4GB RAM and a 64GB storage area with 10.1 inch IPS electromagnetic capacitance display with signature pad offering electromagnetic & passive signing pen. Biometric Device, Wifi, Bluetooth, 4G network support, GPS & Baidu with 5 MP front and 13 MP rear camera support. Comes powered with a 10,000 mAh battery featuring an array of in-built full EMV Mobile Device with Encrypted Pin pad,


Company Profile

Global Top 1 Enterprise Vendor in 2023


Since 2002, Centerm is a global leading provider of Smart Terminal Products and solutions, including Thin Client, mini PC and smart biometric terminal and onboarding Device. Based on over 22-Years powerful innovation abilities, Centerm forms on the unique advantage in the areas of cloud computing, VDI, artificial intelligence, biometric identification, fintech and related industrial applications, providing a total solution including hardware, software and service.

Subsidiary of Star-net Group

Centerm is part of Star-net group, a $ 2.5-Billion international group (Stock code 002396, listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2010) which is a leading ICT solution provider in China. Number of employees around 1,100 and 40 Branches.


Centerm Factory

Centerm has rich experience in manufacture, with the area of plant over 100,000 square meters. From design to manufacture, we take every detail into account and follow the strictest quality requirement.

Centerm quality assurance process covers raw materials, production monitoring, product testing and quality control. Ensuring the quality and reliability of our products have always been at the core of our business.

18 SMT lines, intelligent manufacture, and annual production of 10 million units.

24 hours stress testing, ICT testing, X900, TCS500, ISO9002/9001/14001 system.

Certified to international accreditation like ISO Standards, GA, Tolly, FCC.


Centerm Chromebook and Chrome Box

We're excited to announce our collaboration with Centerm and Google to provide Chromebook and Chromebox solutions aimed at putting laptops in the hands of every child who needs one. NC Inc, as a representative of Centerm in Pakistan, we pride ourselves on delivering comprehensive IT solutions tailored to our clients' diverse needs. Alongside our existing offerings, we now offer Chromebooks and Chromeboxes with Google Study software applications, perfectly suited to meet today's educational demands.

Our Chromebook and Chromebox solutions are designed to seamlessly integrate with current schooling requirements, facilitating access to online resources and e-books. With Google Study software applications, students and educators can enjoy advanced collaboration tools, interactive learning platforms, and an extensive array of educational resources.

Whether you're a school looking to equip students with cutting-edge technology or an educator seeking innovative tools to enrich the learning process, NC Inc has you covered. Our Chromebook and Chromebox solutions ensure reliability, performance, and versatility, making them the ultimate choice for modern educational environments.

Additionally, these hardware solutions can also be utilized in offices and banks to reduce operating system costs and streamline the use of multiple office software applications cost.

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