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6th Pakistan CIO Summit & 4th IT Showcase Pakistan 2018


Noman Ahmed Said, CEO, SI Global Solutions – “Enabling Businesses by Manage Secure Technologies”

Nauman Vawda, GM Consulting Strategy & Transformation – Pakistan, STME – “Hybrid Cloud: The way to develop your cloud strategy”


Imran Khan, Managing Director, RapidCompute – “Running the World on the Cloud”

Sadia Nazim Keshwani, Sales Manager, GBM Pakistan – “Modern Data Platform Solutions”

Introduction of Hackathon by Trustworks

Inamullah Siddiqui, Sr. Director & Cyber Practice Leader, EY Ford Rhodes – “Blockchain Dynamics”

Asad Ullah Chaudhry, CEO, AUC Technologies – “Future of CIOs”

Zeeshan Abbasi, CEO, mParsec Ltd – “Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies”

Muhammad Asif Riaz, CEO, Digital Arrays (Private) Limited – “Blockchain and Cyber Security"

Salman Anjum, CRO, BitNautic – “Blockchain’s Implications on Supply Chain Management”

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